Following many years of experience in the field of thoracic surgery, in particular Post Intubation Tracheal Stenosis (PITS) and providing Alborz database with the information of all patients with tracheal stenosis who have been referred to Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Tracheal Diseases Research Center (TDRC) was established in 2005.  Dr Mojtaba Javaherzadeh was presented as research center organizer to manage research activities and development. TDRC became eligible to obtain formal agreement from the Ministry of health and Medical Education in 2008 and started its official work in 2009 by supervision of Dr Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr, as the chief of the center. Ultimately by publishing qualified paper and other appropriate research activities, final approval of the center was issued in 2010.

Given that Iran is a country with a high rate of traffic accident, the rate of ICU- hospitalization and tracheal intubation are significant. PITS, which is quite prevalent in Iran, is a multifactorial mostly iatrogenic complication that genetic and epigenetic factors as well as environmental factors could be also considered as risk factors.

Therefore, TDRC has mainly focused on those research projects, which are about the epidemiology, risk factors, preventive maneuvers, and treatment of PITS, not only to decrease the number of patients, but also to make aware both the physicians and ICU admitted patients about this insidious and potentially fatal disease.

Alborz database with information of more than 2,800 patients with tracheal stenosis, provides an opportunity for researchers to work on different aspects of PITS. By conducting a national cohort study, the incidence rate of PITS in ICU-admitted patients in Iran was calculated about 20%. Hence, a group of experts are working on preparing a national guideline for prevention of PITS in this center.  Hopefully after the execution of our national guideline recommendations in all intensive care units, the burden of PITS is reduced in our healthcare system.

It is also worth noting that, given that Masih Daneshvari hospital is a referral center for chest diseases, there is a valuable potential for performing clinical trials, epidemiological and technological research related to other thoracic diseases as well.


·         Center of excellence for providing Guidelines for prevention of Tracheal Stenosis

·         Center of excellence for research and treatment of PITS

·         Center of excellence for regenerative medicine in the field of tracheal substitutes.


Our mission in Tracheal Disease Research Center is prevention of PITS employing different strategies including epidemiological and interventional researches, publishing articles, improving skills regarding tracheal intubation and providing guidelines, knowledge and information in collaboration with other national and international research centers.

At this center, we have elected the prevention of PITS as a top research priority. We will do our best to improve this field based on accurate documents. In our center, we approve interdisciplinary researches and we welcome collaborative research projects that have direct benefit for our patients and expand the burden of science.

Research goals:

National and international collaborative research goals

Incidence estimation of PITS in Iran and other countries?

Prevalence determination of PITS in Iran and other countries?

Risk factors assessment of PITS in Iran and other countries?

Interventional study for the diminishing the PITS risk factors and decreasing the incidence rate

To classify ICU discharged patients based on their follow-ups for Post-Intubation Tracheal Stenosis screening

To identify modules of a mobile-based follow-up system for post-intubation tracheal stenosis

Evidence-based clinical guidelines for prevention, treatment, and screening of PITS



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