A mobile-based follow-up system

Timely diagnosis of Post-intubation Tracheal stenosis (PITS) could modify its natural history. In order to prevent PITS, the discharged ICU patients who have had more than 24 hours of intubation should be actively followed-up three months later. Due to the vast number of these cases in Iran, resources limitation and weak efficacy of current follow-up methods, the researchers in Tracheal Diseases Research Center have proposed a mobile based follow-up application to both classify the patients into risky and not risky for return to clinic after ICU stay (for care provider) and also determine the most important modules that should be considered for developing follow-up app (for patients).

Our findings from the constructed decision tree showed that the younger and single patients were more eager than the older and married ones to adhere to the follow-up schedule. Moreover, those who had been admitted to the ICUs because of a car accident and suicide attempt were significantly more likely to complete their follow-up compared to others. Patient knowledge about date, place, and the name of a physician in charge of a visit was significantly correlated with follow-up schedule adherence induced from the decision tree.


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