The Training Programs 

The SBMU Tracheal Diseases Research Center (TDRC) Clinical Skills Unit

Due to the shortening of the inpatient hospital stay, and increase in patient care in the society, most inpatients do not have the suitable opportunity learning basic clinical skills. Moreover, considering learning limitations at the bedside, and paying attention to the rights of the patients, the attention has been oriented towards training of clinical and communicative among clients. The CSLC (clinical Skills Learning Center) has prepared opportunities so the clients can enhance their clinical and communicative skills in a secure, controlled, and calm environment by using audio-visual aids, and models. 

 The Goals:

The SBMU Tracheal Disease Research Center (TDRC) is as follows:

  1. Training clinical visits skills;
  2. Evaluating the clients;
  3. Holding different workshops (for intubation, tracheostomy) 

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